Be it the room shape, the isolation, the lighting, the ventilation, the air conditioning systems, the acoustics, the technical furniture, the electric systems, or the equipment...Every single aspect of our Control Room has been custom designed by the mad genius that is Jeff Hedback (HdAcoustics) with the sole purpose of achieving a great sounding and looking space while not detracting from the creative vibe nor from the ergonomics.

Jeff is an incredible studio designer and his scientific and practical know-how is second to none. His credits include personal studios for some of the world’s top artists such as Phil Collins, Christina Aguilera, & Ozzy Osbourne, as well as design credits for some of the heaviest hitting record producers, recording engineers, musicians, and gear makers around the world.

We are super proud to announce that our studio has been selected in the Mix Magazine Class of 2017! The "Mix Magazine Class of" is an annual feature which selects the world's newest and best in studio design. Being on this list is a true honor and is an absolute testament to Jeff Hedback's abilities.

Please feel free to read the excerpts from the Class of 2017 issue below (including the editor's note for context, and then scroll down to explore our finished room.


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